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My Name is Abhishek Mahato , resides at Chhatral. I made an inquiry on Sulekha for MBBS guidance, From Sulekha I received more than 12 calls for the same. But first call I recieve was from Mr. Rajendra, Making Doctors Organization. They made us understood about the process of importance of different universities. They understood my queries and admit me in CCU , Belize as I determined to appear for USMLE. They completed my all administration and documents process in proper way. I would thank Team MDO for fulfilling my dream.
They have also conducted Pre-Medical Orientation wherese we were taught for basic medical subjects , spoken English , personality development and also organized hospital visits for the practical knowledge, observation of patient-doctor history and Hospital Management.
I would like to thank Umang Sir, Dr. Anil Chauhan Sir and entire MDO Team for their best efforts putting into students for their dream and growth.
Thank you.

– Abhishek Mahato , Central Columbus University

MDO is very great organization for students who have the dream to become a doctor. After admission formalities done they arrange pre-orientation programm where baisc knowledge of MBBS is given.

they are helping the students to develop their personality. Mdo is the institute where the student gets an exposure towards world by giving the practical knowledge by various field visits. They help students to get with their colleagues with whom they will be spending the next 5 years. The efforts given by the organization is commendable. At last thanks to MDO for fulfilling our dreams and preparing us.

Manav Modi , Geomedi University

Making doctor organization is great in all services .After searching more the 20 organization the satisfaction and services are find best in these organizations . Thank you  for making my dream true .

Once again a great thanks to making doctor organization (MDO) ahmedabad for giving me the precious memories and knowledge and guiding in right direction to achieve my goal . Special thanks to DR. Anil Chauhan sir for gave your precious time and teach us valueable lesson . And love full thank you to my one of the favourite sir MAYUR JADAV SIR for arranging visits at manasa civil , IIPHG gandhinagar and vidhan sabha also for taking care like our parents truly I didn’t felt at single time that I am far from my mom and dad because of ur great full care thankyou sir . Thank you MDO TEAM for giving best memories of my life.

Harsh Rawal, AMA School Of Medicine

MDO (Making doctors organizations) helps us to make our future bright. It is a platform where one can see their path clearly towards their main goal. They also provides us with a pre-medical orientation that gives us the basic ideas and brief description of basically what we have to study further in MBBS. We were taken to different hospital visits like Civil hospital, Gandhinagar; Civil hospital, Mansa; Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad. We also visited a Medical museum at Civil hospital. At one of the hospitals, students were allowed to see postmortem to get the basic idea about the anatomy of the Human body. Then due to this pandemic pre-orientation was taken online by Dr. Anil Chauhan Sir regularly. There we were taught about the basic anatomy and physiology of different parts of our body. Pre-medical orientation was really helpful and knowledgeable. First-year books that are anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry were provided by Respected Umang sir. And visits to different spots gave us a lot of knowledge about the medical field. I have taken admission to Geomedi University, Tiblisi, Georgia. Our Semester already started and our exam is also completed online. In our university more than 300 Gujarati students, which is something excited for all Gujarati students. Indian faculties also there to take or clinical classes & mci preparation. Thanks Sir, For guiding us best medical college & country for my future goal.

Aayushi Parikh, Geomedi University

To be a doctor is my dream since childhood. I didn’t get admission in India bcoz of my law marks in the next exam. So I visited making doctors organization. Umang sir and Rajendra sir gave accurate advice and motivation so I decided to do mbbs in Russia.When MDO doctors put trust on us to take presentation in class, it boosts my confidence as well my family too. Our first to end all work done very professionally by team mdo& because of that, I recommended many other students, now in our team we are 10+ girls who are going together at Russia for MBBS Study. As a girl child, I would like to tell all the girl students, if your goal is to become a DOCTOR, then don’t stop it if you didn’t get admission in India. Don’t change any course. No paramedical course. If we decided, then with help of MDO, we will 100% sure with safety & personal care fulfill our dream. Thank You So Much.

Vidhi Doshi, Ulyanovsk State University

MDO Making Doctors Organization is one of the best and helpful Organization in making students their dream of being Doctor successful. In the beginning of the session we attended the pre-medical session which was helpful for us in gaining Basic knowledge and confidence we got to know about the medical history and base line of the medical field During

the pre-medical phase books were provided to us by the MDO which are very useful in caring out information During the pre-medical period we also got chance to visit the Gandhinagar civil hospital and Antonym museum which is very useful in gaining knowledge. I have taken admission in Geomedi University, Tiblisi, Georgia One of the best universities The university is providing us the best online knowledge.We are very thankful to the Dr.Anil Chauhan and Umang sir and all MDO team for providing us constant support throughout our journey. As my father is a reputed Teacher, and yes my dream is also to become a specialist doctor, which will be come true soon by support of MDO.

Heartily Thanks to Team MDO.

Dhruvi Sagar, AMA School Of Medicine

Our students tells the story of their successful journey

Success stories

Making doctors Organization helps us to gain knowledge about medical held helps us to gain self-confidence, which is very unique support. Here pre medical orientation was held in Ahmedabad, in which we were taught regarding the major first year subjects that is anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. The books were provided free of charge by the MDO, Due to this pandemic Premedical orientation was also held online also after 1Month training at Ahmedabad Centre, in which we have studied about the Structure, function and location of different body organs.

1. divyaraj


MDO is an institution that guides students who want to become a doctor and provides complete information as well as assistance for students who want to study abroad.
Making doctors organization is the best institution for medical students. This institute also organized seminars for the students as well as takes them for hospital visits.

2. Riya


MDO is very great organization for students who have the dream to become a doctor. After admission formalities done they arranged Pre Orientation program. They help students to get with their colleagues with whom they will be spending the next 5 years. The efforts given by the organization is commendable. They are helping the students to develop their personality. 

3. manav


The main aim of the pre orientation program organized by the MDO is to help student to bond with each other’s so that they could be helpful to each other when in need. The organization help the students for fulfilling their dreams learn the important things such as manners, which is important for us. They teach us how to value our surrounding and respect everybody equally.

4. pavan


MDO is one of the trusted organizations I have came across. It was totally a new experience being here in MDO. Here they gives classes of pre-medical orientation in which we learnt basic anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, forensic medicine, etc. There was entire session on personality development. We were also given an opportunity to analyze live post mortem at GMERS, Gandhinagar.

5. bansi


MDO is very good platform to gaining knowledge and confidence and building basic medical terminology that we require in future we visit many hospitals and it benefitted us by knowing that how a doctor should be. MDO provide us well known doctors so that they can guide us for students who are staying outside Ahmadabad they provide the facility of staying in PG helped a student to become independent.

6. Astha


I’m very happy that I will fulfill my dream to be good doctor in my life and that is possible through only Making Doctor Organization (MDO), Team of MDO is really very helpful and yet not they also provide a quality content and they also keep get together with a experienced Doctor’s like
“Dr. Anil Chauhan Sir” MDO has kept many visits of Civil hospital and also Apollo hospital and several other places.

7. Farhan


To be a doctor is my dream since childhood. I didn’t get admission in India because of my low marks in the next exam. So I visited making doctors organization. Umang sir and Rajendra sir also Rajan sir gave accurate advice and motivation so I decided to do MBBS in Russia. They provides us pre orientation that gives us basic information about what we have to study further in MBBS.

8. raj


Making doctor organization is a wonderful platform. My name is PRAJAPATIDARSHAN MATHURBHAI. To become a doctor is my childhood dream. To fulfill my dream I attempted NEET exam but I got less marks in exam. So I left hope of becoming a MBBS student. Then I visited MAKING DOCTOR ORGANIZATION, Umang sir and Rajendra
Sir gave me advice for doing MBBS in abroad. So I decided to take admission in Russia. MDO started pre-orientation.

9. Darshan


I remember when we were confused about the career, bad experience withother agents & wrongly wasted my 2 months. I almost lose my hope for my dream MBBS Study. After that we met Umang Sir, we were thoroughly guided By Umang sir and the Team. He leads us from darkness to a bright future. The support, the help as well as true guidance provided by Umang sir is incredible. And hence we appreciate the boost given by sir and the team and thanking them to lead us here. Thanks a Lot from my whole family.

10. het


The best part of this organization is that, they guided from
first to end and with transparency, honesty with professional attitude. Anyone wants to get true guidance than without doubt its one and only organization for MBBS Aspirants. It provided us pre-medical orientation which gives us basic knowledge and idea about major and 1st-year subjects of MBBS. We visited Gandhinagar Civil Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Medical Museum.

11. Vatsal


The management of MDO is first class and all sir and
madam are very helpful. Without their transparent process & guidance, I never think my dreams to become True (Become a DOCTOR The pre-medical program helps me to understand all the subject which I have to learn in the next 5 years.

12. Mohammad


2020 has been hard on all of us in different ways. It was my dream to become a doctor but I scored less in need due to some reason and was not in a position to figure out how to make it possible. But due to the support and guidance of MDO, I would be able to fulfill it. I was shocked when I found that an organization would care so much about student’s futures as MDO did. They have premedical orientation/classes that create a strong foot for students. The hospital visits and online classes would be immensely helpful and would help us MDO’s students to have a better start than the rest.

13. rutu